sometimes, i play songs.

I'm Evie.
I sing. A lot.
I know way too many musical soundtracks off by heart.
I love a good critiquing.
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longest-time said: I absolutely love all your covers, you have such an amazing voice, and are incredible in arranging all of your stuff :) you are so talented and i was wondering if you have a youtube that i could subscribe too ? love ya stuff xox

Sorry this is so late, and thank you so much, you’re too kind. My youtube is under the same name, Evie Rose Lane - only a few bits on there but hoping to upload more soon!!! <3

Jul 15 / 1
spiritedquill said: Hey! So I was wondering if you've heard Darren's cover of At Last. I figure you probably have because it's an older one, but I thought I should ask just in case because I have a feeling you'd enjoy it. :)

i very much have and i very much died

Jul 13 / 404


A Cory Monteith Medley, in tribute to the wonderful man who has so sadly left us.

Rest in peace baby. I hope this does you a little justice.

{ Download }

a year later, still can’t believe this is the reality. i miss you everyday <3

eddkmusic said: Hey Evie, i just found you here, followed you on soundcloud and added you on facebook, i really enjoy your voice, great sound, nice to meet you :)

thank you so much! nice to meet you too <3

Jul 3 / 1
spiritedquill said: Hey there! I was wondering, since you're the only other person I know who uses Souncloud, if you've used the newest IPhone version of it yet? Mine updated and I can't figure out how to post new audios. Any help you can offer would be awesome :)

hi!! i’m so sorry but my iphone has gone to shit so I haven’t got any new updates (also why I haven’t been posting) but if I find out I’ll let you know!

Jun 13 / 2
spiritedquill said: OH WOW. Your Kurt medley is PERFECT. I am always so amazed by your talent. I have been ever since I first heard your cover of At Last by Etta James and found your soundcloud account. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world. :)

thank you so so much i don’t have words for how much this means! my recording equipment is really broken right now so i haven’t been very active but I have some really cool stuff coming up that I can’t wait to share!!!

Jun 8 / 7

favourite rachel solos kids???

https-grunge said: just wanted to say that your medleys are life and you make me cry with your talent. k. bye

oh god thank you so muuuch <333