sometimes, i play songs.

I'm Evie.
I sing. A lot.
I know way too many musical soundtracks off by heart.
I love a good critiquing.
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Apr 24 / 9

All Of Me (Acoustic Version) - John Legend

This is for dearest Jenn who’s birthday was yesterday, hope you had a good one presh!!! 


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Apr 23 / 1
zcatz said: I've been relistening to all the covers of yours that I put on my iTunes a while back and holy shit I'm still amazed.

literally dont i will CRY

# zcatz
Apr 18 / 1
adecekaplan said: Hi! I just heard your New Directions medley and had to let you know that I loved it so much. It brought me to tears, it was that fantastic. You're so talented! :)

awww i’m soo glad you liked it!! thank you so much for the lovely words <3

n-2u said: Jesus christ evie I just spent like 3 1/2 hours listening to your covers omg I'm in love marry me please please please please. Please? xD Your voice is GORGEOUS. I can't stress it enough. It's beautiful.

this is the cutest thing ever omg thank you so much u beauty!!!!!!! and proposal accepted <33

# n-2u
Apr 8 / 119

No One Is Alone / Not While I’m Around Mashup - From Into the Woods & Sweeney Todd

In celebration of the certain-to-be-amazing Glee episode coming up tonight. Already having a nervy b. Sorry for the imbalanced piano/vocals. Enjoy!!

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Apr 5 / 1
danychingly said: Do you have a list of all the songs you sang on the New Directions Medley? There are some I don't know the name or don't remember and I really think it'd love to hear them all by theirselves. By the way, loved it <3

ok i’ll put it under a cut but here is a list of all the songs in order heard in my nd medley!

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peacefulpsithurism said: You have the voice of an angel, hon. So happy I found your blog. I look forward to hearing your voice whenever you're on my dash.

thank you so much!!!!!! bless u

Apr 2 / 71

You Make Me Feel So Young (Acoustic Cover) - Frank Sinatra

For Kurt and Blaine, my domestic children.

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